ICT Acceptable Use Policy

It is appropriate for people to be allowed a great deal of freedom in using ICT for study, or work. With freedom comes responsibility. Towers School and Sixth Form Centre cannot control what people, all over the world, make available on the Internet and a small proportion of the material which it is possible to access is not acceptable in school, while other material must be treated with great sensitivity and care.

Exactly the same standards apply to electronic material, as to material in any other form. If material is considered to be unacceptable by the school when presented in a book, magazine, video, audio tape or spoken form, then it is not acceptable on the ICT network.

We expect ALL ICT users to take responsibility in the following ways:

  1. Not to access or even try to access any material which is:
  2. Not to search for, or use websites that bypass the school's Internet filtering
  3. Not to download or even try to download any software without the explicit permission of a member of the ICT systems support department
  4. Not to attempt to install unauthorised and unlicensed software
  5. To be extremely cautious about revealing any personal details and never to reveal a home address or contact number
  6. Not to use other people's user ID or password, even with their permission
  7. Not to interfere with or cause malicious damage to the ICT resources and facilities
  8. To report any breach (deliberate or accidental) of this policy to the ICT Manager immediately

In order to protect responsible users, electronic methods will be used to help prevent access to unsuitable material. Any use of the ICT may be monitored and recorded, including the contents of email messages, by any means necessary from the ICT system support department. Towers School and Sixth Form Centre reserves the right to access all material stored on its ICT system, including that held in personal areas of staff and pupil accounts, including email mailboxes, for purpose of ensuring DCFS, LEA and school policies regarding appropriate use, data protection, computer misuse, child protection, and health and safety.

Anyone who is found not to be acting responsibly in this way will be disciplined. Irresponsible users will be denied access to the ICT facilities. Towers School and Sixth Form Centre will act strongly against anyone whose use of ICT risks bringing the school into disrepute or risk the proper work of other users. Persistent offenders will be denied access to the ICT facilities - on a permanent basis.